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Cisco Whale's Tale

This beer pours a rich copper color with good clarity. There is little haze, so it’s not brilliantly clear, but it's certainly within range for the style. It also pours a nice frothy cream-colored head that lasts long into the pint. In the aroma, I get a bit of floral and slightly spicy hops and crisp caramel malts. There are some restrained peach esters that became more pronounced as the beer warmed. The malt flavor is very similar to the aroma and is slightly sweet, with notes of caramel and a bit of toast. The hop flavor is decidedly floral with mild citrus notes in the background. The bitterness is pronounced yet well-balanced with the malt and lingers nicely into the finish. The balance tips just slightly toward the hops but not by much. An unexpectedly tart finish wasn't distracting or overly prominent, but it shouldn’t be there by any degree. The mouthfeel is right in the moderate range and quite smooth and creamy with a medium carbonation rate. Size: 12 oz ABV 5.6%


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