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St Agrestis Spritz (4-pack)

Italy's favorite cocktail has taken over the world. Now available on tap! A combination of St. Agrestis Paradiso Aperitivo (designed for an elevated Spritz cocktail), sparkling wine imported from Italy and NYC water all carbonated together, this is balanced and bittersweet citrus driven Spritz has become a big hit from busy bars and outdoor venues to some of NYC's most intimate restaurants. The kegs simply attach to a domestic beer line and can be pushed by co2 or a beer gas combination of co2 and nitrogen, delivering consistent, high quality, well-carbonated cocktails at exceptionally low prices. With a 5oz recommended serving, each keg contains 133 cocktails which can accomplish an ultra low cost per pour.

Size: 187mL Can (4) ABV 12.0%


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