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Torre dei Beati Bianchi Grilli

At our estate we only grow a few types of different native grapes, which we love to turn into single-variety wines to try to make them express all the characteristics as well as possible in our area for each single vintage. With the name “Bianchi Grilli” we define some very limited white wine productions born from our will and pleasure to study in depth and experiment, according to our grapes' potential. Here in Italy, “avere grilli per la testa” (literally “to have crickets in one’s head”) means to have strange, creative, funny ideas in mind. But “Bianchi Grilli” are some “white crickets” that we are definitely not able to get out of our head. Size: 750 mL ABV 0.135 Suggested food pairings: Oysters, Clams, Fish, Shellfish Suggested cheese pairings: Feta, Chevre, Brie, Gruyere, Havarti, Mozzarella, Ricotta


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