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Bollicini Prosecco (4-pack cans)

Bollicini Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine made from 100% Glera grapes (formerly known as Prosecco grapes). The Glera grape is very delicate and best suited to the Charmat method of fermentation, where the secondary fermentation occurs in large stainless steel vats under temperature-controlled conditions. This process maintains the freshness and fruitiness that is the hallmark of Prosecco. Bollicini Prosecco Brut has an intense fruity bouquet with a hint of apple and minerality. It is dry, fruity, fresh, light in body and well-balanced.

Size: 250mL (4) ABV 11.5%

Suggested food pairings: Oysters, Clams, Cured Meat, Chicken Suggested cheese pairings: Feta, Chevre


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